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Thread: C++, now or later?

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    C++, now or later?

    ok, i was talking to the C++ teacher in my highschool and she said to hold off learning it(im just starting) so i dont develop bad habits. i have to wait till junior year(im a freshman now) and thats a long time. do you think i should continue learning now and hope i dont develop serious bad habits? im learing from deitel & deitels's book "C++ how to program." in this book it describes a lot of errors and bad habits so if i use this book will it keep the bad habits at a minimum?

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    Nobody develops bad habits from C++.
    Do it how you want it.
    It is recommended, however, that you continue learning the most loved language by AO'ers.
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    you only develop bad habits by starting off with 'basic' languages (ie; visual basic - i learnt the hardway). learn c/c++ first and everything else is much simpler.

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    no time like the present....

    that being said, i've never liked anything by deitel & deitels, i've had two java textbooks from them and thought they were awful. i would suggest anything by sams, idg books, or o'reilly.

    have fun!
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