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    about open****v2

    when i use it ,it give me some infomation like that:

    Establishing SSL connection
    cipher: 0x400e508c ciphers: 0x80fb2c8
    Ready to send shellcode
    Spawning shell...
    Good Bye!

    i don't know why,it need me use telnet or nc -l?
    thanks for you answer my question,

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    open****v2 ??

    what is it and where did you get it..

    link to sourcecode please...

    and ofcourse there is always the howto..

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    it needs you to use telnet because its a *nix exploit. What did you expect your kiddie tool would have a nice and user friendly GUI? Even if you intentionally/unintentionally installed this then you should simply get rid of it...

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