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    defacing a sites PART-1(only for newbies)

    the main reason for writing this tut is that when i came to AO no one gave me a clue on how to hack or how to deface.this tut is strictly for newbies and i would suggest others(not invited once) to skip to the last para .
    lets start -
    well this is the easiest way of defacing a site that i know on win98 machine go to my computer->web folder->add new whatever in the dialogue box give away domain name like(http://my.com)press enter and u are done if u see dire structure in the web folder then you have got it go there upload ur pages or whatever.
    if u don't see the dir structure what to do i dunno!!!most probably in this case u can't upload ur files or anything.if someone knows what to do in this case he/she is most welcome to add his/her opinion here.

    this is the mathod through mitnich's company website got defaced link -
    this link tells u how it got defaced.

    i know most of u won't like it but i have to do it because i believe helping others and i think i helped most of the newbies out there.Also watch out for part 2 it is gonna be one step ahead of this one.

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    Ajit: You need to change your name to Ijut.......

    If you carry out your little trick and see a dir listing you do not necessarily have rights in the target dir to write or delete or edit anything. You really don't have a clue about how the server works do you????????

    You sum it all up with your quote "if u don't see the dir structure what to do i dunno!!!"

    Go learn how these systems work before you write a "tutorial".......
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