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    give me more

    what would i do with antipoints i am gonna make my point clear to all i am gonna post what i like toif u don't like it get lost the thing is that all the americans are basterd and they can't even compete with others in the field that is why they give -ive points to me for most of my posts.
    they are rude.
    may god destroy america or i will soon do it.

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    Way to go, Ajit. Just keep digging that hole. I love the whole "**** Americans if they don't like my skidiot ways!" attitude.
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    You are a lamer, get lost! . If you want to discuss those sentiments do it in cosmos!

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    Ok, you sorta made sense about you posting stuff you want and not caring what AP's your get for it. but then after that you sorta lost me. and its posts like this that will get you banned. but anyways, go ahead and do what you want, im sure an eco-sadistic bastard like you would anyways, im just curious on how the AO community would react
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    Oh common. You have got to be kidding. I just got off reading your "tutorial" on "how to deface" a site. The topic itself has nothing todo on AO, not to mention that what you have written there makes no real sense anyways. Its got nothing todo with defacing. This site here is not about how to damage or crack other peoples systems, this site is about keeping kiddies like yourself out of our systems. Grow up dude.
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    ...... and he wonders why we call them "Third World Countries"........


    Oh, Ijut, I forgot..... If you are going to destroy America you might want to rethink your method. If you are going to try to do it digitally your tutorial indicates that you will be about as successful as your attempts to strike fear into our western hearts with yout threat......

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    There are forums and underground chat rooms for hackers if you want to go share your "knowledge" there. Antionline just isn't the place for posting how to hack.

    You could have turned that around and made it educational from a security perspective. You could have phrased your post to say that XYZ directory on Windows 98 is insecure and here are some methods or steps you can take to try and protect your system from being victimized- then it would be a tutorial. But, if you post how to hack or ***** the Americans you are just taking the fast track to being banned.

    Aside from that, the "tutorial" barely made sense. Hopefully Part 2 has more skill involved.

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    hey dublix who the hell u are lord krishna?
    **** u americans!
    and by the way u are all nothing it doesn't make any sense to be an AO addict or jr member or a sr member or whatever i believe that u dunno anything u can't hack,crack,can't **** ur wifes can't even catch a saddam or a laden u are nuts

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    Why dont you go get vaccinated !

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    yeah tonybradley that is the attitude .but part two will only come if i am not banned and u are right i could have made it look like vulnerability in ... or whatever but the thing is that i don't want to and by saying **** america i know americans are not gonna like it but this is what i feel today and that is what i am posting here.

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