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Thread: Post a bug in the bug forum ref id=1 ; LordB

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    Post a bug in the bug forum ref id=1 ; LordB

    Post a bug in the bug forum ref id=1 ; LordB
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Let me guess antipoints???
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    I got this message once when I modified a URL to see if I could assign antipoints to a post in a thread which had been closed. Of course, the only reason that happened was because I modded the URL, and it didn't do anything so it wasn't really a bug.

    Is this what happened to you tampabay420?

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    Me too

    Lol, I'v been geting that alot... it happens when you attempt to Assign AP's to a thread thats closed...they should sort out some screen for that...like
    "The Thread you ave attempted to Assign AP's to has Closed"

    Any way...I got that just now from this thread....take a look at the strange screenie....looks like the AP system is acting up a little.

    - Noia
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