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    submit script?

    ok i got a friend that post music updates daily on my forums and i like it an all but i want to have it on a site linked offa my main site...I got a good idea what I want but I jsut don't know where to start on it and I'm not a programmer. I want him to be able to log into his page so hes the only one able to submit text and have him give a subject and a body and have it show up on the page. i want the link to it to be a popup style link prolly 600x600 pixels..im not sure but if u guys know how to make a script like this post it. I would appreciate it so much. Thanks.

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    Hey forgotname search for a cms and yank the code outta that. SourcForge.com has a bunch that are just what your talking about. You would need to do some editing to make everything look right, I suggest using frontpage or microsoft word(kidding). Well acutally since you don't know how to program it might be ok. See if you can get dreamweaver.

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    alright thxs ill go look....i got everything in Studios MX and I love it. I'm jstu focused on basic html and my phpforum and graphics..thats y im not big in programming.

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