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    who better to test security then people who spend all of thier free time trying to crack into systmes just for fun.

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    Originally posted here by ReLik
    I wasn't necessarily talking about mitnick, he's more 'ha' than 'hacker', i was talking hypothetically about hackers getting jobs at companies as security analysts, admins etc.
    I have no problem with that . I am saying anyone who was caught doesnít belong in the business they are just too dumb. Back in the mid to late 80ís and early 90ís it was so easy t o hack and phreak that if you got caught it shows a utter lack of a clue.

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    Being dumb and misplacing trust in people aren't the same things.

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    As someone who bears ultimate responsibility for enterprise-wide data security, and someone who does the hiring for all IT-related functions I can say that while I may hire a former hacker to help ensure a secure network, under no circumstances would I hire a convicted felon for ANY job in my company.

    This has nothing to do with whether or not I feel that an individual can "pay for their crimes" and "turn over a new leaf" and everything to do with the idea of trusting corporate assets to an ex-con. The risk is just too high.


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    I guess if a convicted criminals aren't too popular for jobs in general. It really doesn't matter how much they know, people aren't likely to trust them. Some people feel they have paid their 'debt', while most are distrustful.
    In a lot of cases people have good reason to be distrustful. If however the perp is well inclined and has reformed it could be a worthy venture. Hey maybe the guy got tired of rooming with bubba and changed his ways. >

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    Ask yourself whether you'd trust an ex-hacker, then ask yourself whether you'd trust an ex-<crime here>.

    And there you have your views about how much of a serious crime hacking really is.

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    Yes, it is a serious crime. There are a lot of serious crimes. Most always the person is screwed for life and working at the car wash regardless of what the crime was (white collar or otherwise). Good motivation for people to keep their nose clean and curiosity on their own networks.. hehe


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