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    antipoint ? what is the question.

    Whenever you assign pos or neg antipoints the reciever has the ability to sort of 'ask why' by pressing the contact user button.
    If you send out pos ap's you will probably not get very much responses. Thnx.
    If you send negs however people tend to press that button, asking for a response.
    In you PM screen you'll see the new message with the aproriate title. Cuz you now what it sais you'll throw it away without reading it (or not).

    The sugestion is as follows:

    Add the ability to give a comment on why you have a question about an antipoint assignment.
    It's just two cents:

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    or we could just kill the antipoints system.

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    I have a suggestion that follows along that line. If you assign negative anti-points, it should also be required that you comment as to why. Nothing is more aggrivating than getting negged with no explanation.

    (forgive my spelling, there's a reason why I'm not an english major)
    Do not meddle in the affairs of hackers, for they are subtle and quick to anger.
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