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    Cacing Crew

    I have a computer running Windows 98SE, that I use as a test box. recently when I restarted the computer, and got to the desktop I get a little box in some foreign language, and at the top of the box says VB script and gives a name of Cacing Crew. The first option is to press ok. Then the next option is to press yes or no. And the last is ok then it shuts down. I've tried ctrl+alt+del and tried to end task it but it doesn't work. I looked in my msconfig file and looked under win.ini.

    In the win.ini file theres a expandable folder called VSsript font, something similiar to that. When I expand the folder I see names of fonts like Times New roman etc. But when I scroll down I start seeing weird names like "@csd#$$%987tr@*. There are about twenty of those in that folder.

    I just built this computer and haven't put a virus scanner on it. I was going to but lost the cd and haven't bought a new one yet. Anyway, I'm sure its something in the startup folders and was hoping maybe somebody had encounterd something similiar to this before.

    Also there is a website that you can go to. It is cacing-crew.da.ru. I went there and its a little website with forums. I posted there askign for some help lol but to no avail yet.

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    check you autoexec.bat and config.sys files

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