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    What are some simple ways to increase traffic to ur site. I mainly want more people to come to my forums and post. -> http://members.lycos.co.uk/forgotnamephp/ <-

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    Well one way is spamming other forums with your URL, but it looks like you already new that.
    Or, less offensively, as you have one, put your addy in your signature.

    There are meta tags that you can add to your html to draw attention to it by the little crawly things that index sites for search engines. But, I don't feel like dragging out my html books, and my site at the moment I am not interested in traffic, quite the contrary actually, as it is nascent to the extreme.

    And just in case my obtuseness isn't helpful, here is a link to Google.
    Which should hopefully clear up anything further...

    Sorry I am less than cheery, I am working on a site, much more complex than I have every endevoured upon, and without the aid of WYSIWYG..., so my brain is getting a little laggy.

    The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of dusk. -Hegel

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    thxs It's ok i deal wit lot of uncheery people..public school. thxs for the tips

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    The best way of drawing traffic to your site is having a good site with real information on, not overloaded with anything, just pleasant and informative.

    That way people will link to you, and your rating will go up.

    On no account should you try to "cheat" to get better ratings, this will be discovered and the search engines will either decrease your rating or just chuck you off altogether.

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    oh ok...im trying to change my sire to be a dynamic one wit the forums intergrated and users poems and graphics jsut easily submit and see it on the site so that will being back people i hope.

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    yeah, a lot of people like integrated stuff. Also, it would depend on the genre of the site. If its going to be about model rockets or something, it possably wont get too much attention. You may want to cover a broad range of topics. Also, i would recomend you get a domain if you want to make it serious. Geting redirection and stuff will often cost ads and annoying people. One thing to give you site will be to add to search engines, there are many sites that submit your site to multiple search engines like http://www.addme.com.

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    Thxs for the tips..I think i got a broad range going. Well I hope at least and bout the donaim is there a redirector wit no ads wit the .com that isn't to ehavy on the pockets?

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    A way to advertise your site less offensively might be to join one of those banner trading groups where people trade each others banners to link back to their own site to increase hits. I haven't actually looked into this stuff in a few years so you should search google about banner trading or something along those lines.

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    alright thxs for the idea

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