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Thread: Virus effect?

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    Virus effect?

    Whenever I restart my computer and logon (win xp) the hardware manager comes up asking me to install "General Volume". And it persists until you exit out of it 3 times. And if i let it find it automatically it asks me to restart, and when i logon nothing happens. Then when I restart again it shows back up.

    Anyone have an idea if this is some sort of virus? Or some Windows Garbage?

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    I never foud thats problem with my pc since i install win xp .I think that would be a virus but i could be a win garbage .For me win xp not really nice coz i got several problem with it n you can try to find a web or solution in


    I hope it can help you ok.

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    WinXP == Windows Garbage

    but not to make this a completly useless post..

    Google only gave me results about audio (the general volume slider) and file sizes..

    So I'd give you the advice I give to all windows users..

    Backup your usefull data.. format and install.. (preferably not windows, but some people don't wanna be saved)

    good luck..

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    Just a suggestion but when you get the h/w manager on boot, put your windows disc in, work through the wizard and browse to your cdrom drive.

    That should install the 'General Volume' component that seems to be missing.

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    Talking Watch out for this Antivirus Software

    It's called Rav Def...and to be blunt...it sucks ! it takes over XP and rules it ! Even Zone Alarm Pro is'nt this bad. Just a helpful thought to everyone...DO NOT TRY IT AT ALL !!!!!
    gotcha !

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    Scan disk shouldn't find an error, install Cilents to fix it

    Windows XP=Windows trash

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    Have you done your daily M$ updates? If so, I go with Jinx. Uninstall, then reinsall. I found nothing on this problem at M$ support webpage.
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    if you upgraded from a diff windows... this might be your problem.

    to install Xp all your hardware needs drivers, and in theory, you cant upgrade to xp unless they all have that. but you can. and i think this is why your getting the error now. there have been many problems when upgrading to xp. and as a further note. stop your autoupdate and installing hotfixes. they are nothing but trouble. wait until the service packs.
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