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    Just curious about this one

    If you type "about:mozilla" into the IE address bar, you get a blue screen, and the address changes to "res://mshtml.dll/about.moz". An Easter egg from MS, perhaps ??

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    There are a few MS programming "quirks"

    I think it was in Word97 that if you typed "Kill Bill Gates" and ran the thesarus one of the suggestions was "Good idea"

    Also years ago someone showed me a trick in Excel. He entered a particular equation in a specific cell in a spreadsheet. When it was run a window popped up with a view of flying over a generated landscape. I think there must be a few bored programmers in Redmond!

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    Hehe.. I just tried it in Netscape 7 (on linux) and got this:

    The Book of Mozilla, 3:31

    And the beast shall be made legion. Its numbers shall be increased a thousand thousand fold. The din of a million keyboards like unto a great storm shall cover the earth, and the followers of Mammon shall tremble.
    from The Book of Mozilla, 3:31
    (Red Letter Edition)
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    I got the same thing MsMittens, using mozilla 5.0 under RH 7.3, i get a red screen with white italic lettering.BTW MsMittens thank you again for suggesting 7.3, i am noticing so many improvments over 7.2.take it easy.
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    further to Jupes mention of Word 97 I just tried it in an old copy of Word 97 I have... if you type in 'Kill Bill Gates' and run the thesaurus the first synonym you actually get is 'kill in cold blood'... there is another one that says 'kill yourself laughing'

    having said that I am using the UK version... maybe the US version has a better sense of humour

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