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Thread: Need Help

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    You never said that you for sure knew that she was cheating or you. If you can't get a straight answer from her about something as important as this, it sounds like there are other trust issues.
    If anything, I've learned that no matter how much you want to, you can't control another person's actions or feelings. You can only control whether or not you decide to continue with the relationship.
    Also, if any guy let me cheat on him and waited patiently for me to make up my mind, I prob wouldn't stay with him anyway.
    Trust and respect, dude. That's what make the marraige-go-round.
    Best of luck...

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    As an Old Fart I will tell you that you should tell her that she can have all the time in the world to "work things out" but that she will be doing that in her own apartment. When she has made up her mind then her bed _should_ still be there......

    If you think she is cheating now it will be a lot worse in a few years and you might have made the sillyest of all steps by then, marriage......

    Whether she is cheating or not it sounds like she needs a kick in her @$$ to wake her up and have her understand that, right now, she is the one doing damage to the relationship. If she isn't cheating and really wants you around it will precipitate her decision to stay. If she is cheating and you move her out - you will be rid of her because the "freedom" of her own place will precipitate her departure.

    Problem solved! Legally!!!!!
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    Res9114,no matter what the women in your life will do,be a gentleman.If the gelosy worm eats you,it would be worse to know what she does when you aren't around.I would talk open to her about the problem that's between you and if she doesn't understand I would thank her for the good times together and I would be on my way.By doing so,I would look myself in the mirror and the image that I wold see, wouldn't make me puke.Try to talk to her calm and don't patronise her;tell her what she represents for your soul and you will see in her eyes if you are indeed talking to her soul,or not.It might hurt what you will see,but pain is part of live and you will learn something from this experience.It might not be the case and it will end happy for both of you and I wish this will be the result of your talk with her.Anyway,don't please forget:honor first pal,no matter what. Wish you all the best,walter.

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    Wow, i got to make the exception here. This thread is a weird one. I think you should drop the key logger idea, because when she finds out. shes going to be pisst. and even then not TELL YOU ANY-TH-ING!!!! so... ::cough:: be a man, and face her. Ask her straight up while looking into her eyes, and if she looks away. well you got your answer.. act brave, and not like a puss* she'll tell you.
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