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Thread: DVD backups

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    DVD backups

    For those of you who would like to know how to make backups of your DVD's you can find alot of usefull info here http://www.doom9.org This is a awsome site for those of you who are new to ripping DVD's and for those of you who have experiance, and i say this because some of the tools at this ite are off the chart quality for n00bs as well as being advanced tools from smart rippers to AC3 filters. Not only is all the software free and alot of it open source, but the tutorials on how to use all the software is excellent, I suggest you check it out.None of the tools are all that hard to use, however they can be confusing if you dont read the tut's first. If your new to Ripping Video/Audio i suggest you start with Gordian Knot rip pack. It has all the necessary files/programs needed like smartripper, DVD2AVI, VirtualDub as well as NanDub and more.......god i feel like i should be makin a sales pitch for tires or somethin too, haha, anyways though check the site out download the software and goto work,you'll be glad you backed up all you DVD's in case say a robber came in and jacked all your ****......ok maybe that was goin to far.take it easy people.
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    Awesome site Hatebreed, damn, what would I do without you. A lot of my fav. sites have been recommended by you...geez, how do you find em...I google, but to no luck never find the quality of sites you do.. . .geez.
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