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Thread: ColdFusion dead?

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    ColdFusion dead?

    There are the books, but when I google it I hardly find any up to date information two of my favoriute websites www.hotscripts.com and www.codebeach.com all have 404's on their COLD FUSION links, so I am wondering does anyone here actively use the language? Or has it become a fad language that died off?

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    Perhaps you or your ISP are having some different issue??

    I went to both Hotscripts and Codebeach and I didn't find any dead links under the ColdFusion / CFML stuff. It all seems good.

    I don't think ColdFusion is a "fad language" per se. It is still going strong as far as I know. The latest version (ColdFusion MX ) has gotten pretty good reviews and accolades for its integration with J2EE standards.

    Anyway, try those links again. If they still don't work write me privately or post back here specifically which links you are having issues with so I can see if they work for me.

    Hope that helps

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    Cold Fusion is a very well used language. I am currently using it to build an interface to an Oracle server for use in our library here at PSU. I'm trying to get these people out of the dark ages (harcopy) and into a more digital format. The prgrammers here said that Cold Fusion would be the easiest way to tackle the job, so that's what I've been using.

    Personally I like it because it seems (to me) to be a cross between HTML and Visual Basic programming, easy to understand and use. Then again I'm weird, so don't neg me for saying that (heheheh).

    I would agree that if you are looking for links, it might just be your ISP server or maybe your personal firewall (if you have one setup)?

    Though I was looking online and it did take me a little bit of digging to find some coding help I wanted for Cold Fusion.
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    I see tons of sites with .cfm extensions, too many in fact. Makes me want to grab the site designer and teach him some PHP. Coldfusion is in no danger of dying out, it's incredibly easy to use, and as windows has shown us, easy to use = easy to buy.
    Not sure if that last part made sense. Anyways, coldfusion is so easy to use, it's like using html to program dynamically, and most people don't have the time or patience to learn something like PHP, or Perl.
    Coldfusion won't be dying out anytime soon. Plus, macromedia gives you a great way to make a site, a site builder, a dynamic lang, flash tools. Their suite of products is a fairly strong line.

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