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Thread: Embeded Image viruses / Trojans

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    Embeded Image viruses / Trojans

    hi AO's !!!

    Well, i had this nagging curiosity of knowing that are there any known Image Viruses/ Trojans that can be embeded into .bmp, .jpg or .gif files ???

    I feel this viruses/ Trojans if in existence will be really hard to detect and more over they will be so deceptive in nature. Imagine a virus embeded in porn picture !! If downloaded can cause a havoc with the computers.

    Note : I used porn example only because that will be the really tempting picture to most of the people.

    Waiting for replies.
    Thanks in Adv.

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    This was discussed in some detail a few days ago. Check the following thread:



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    This is the second topic on this in a month...search a little before you post.

    To answer the question Yes/No, yes you can embed a virus into a image, no it doesn’t work unless the system was already exploited by a Trojan that changed how images are read. So if you can get a Trojan past the victims antivirus, you can make them susceptible to image viri...but why bother if you already know they have wake/no virus protection.

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