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Thread: site hacking

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    Post site hacking

    Recently, in an interview I came across a question.
    Though, I don't know the answer but I try to find.
    Can anyone please tell me the answer.
    The question is:
    How can I find out by seeing my site in the browser
    that the site is hacked.
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    hey darknite...

    I am a newbie to internet security... but I'll still take a try at answering your question. Unless you're site was defaced or altered in anyway, I don't think your web browser would provide you with much evidence. Usually if your website was compromised, that means a user had to gain access to the system that your site was running on. Therefore, most evidence would come from system logs showing malicious activity. I can't be much help in directing you with which system logs to check, it depends on what operating system and server daemon you are using to operate the website with.

    Hope i was some help in answering your question.
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    Search google.com for CGI expliots; check your site logs for any wierd attempts to access CGI-BIN, repeated attempts to access passworded dirs, etc.

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