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    Kazaa Lite : Hacked Kazaa

    hi this is for the people that dont know abot K-Lite ..... it is a hacked version of kazaa.. a better version...with AVI preview ...Speed Up.... an many other option...


    hope somebody doesnt have it and my link is useful

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    hoping for points, huh?

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    have been using it for a month - i don't find it to be any faster than kazaa but its certainly better cos theres no ****ing ads

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    I like Kazza-lite alot better than kazza, especially the auto-search more tab. Although i have noticed it hangs more than regular kazza during multiple downloads. www.zeropaid.com is where you can find it and others.

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    There is also the added benefit that Kazaa has spyware embedded in it and KazaaLite claims to have that part torn out. Whether the spyware is actually totally gone I can't confirm though, because I've been too busy (and lazy) to decompile the executable and go through it line by line.

    (had to fix a little spelling error)

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