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Thread: how to surf anonymous

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    how to surf anonymous

    HI everyone
    I'm not sure if this question have been ask becuase i'm new here.
    can anyone teach me how to surf the internet anonymously....i think its called proxying? hmm not like i want my ip address to be anonymous or have different ip. My OS is win Xp... can someone please help me thankz alot

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    To surf anonymously you could try out a website like:
    The second one also allows you to send anonymous emails.

    Learn some about proxies.

    Hope it helps.


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    I would say the best link for you is:

    Please read it carefully.

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    I would say the best link for you is:
    That thread was very good. I was going to make a similar point on this one. Essentially it makes a difference what you mean by "anonymous" and how anonymous you want to be.

    A simple NAT (Network Address Translation) device like a cable / DSL router will mask your true internal IP address, but it doesn't make you anonymous really.

    You can use a product like Anonymizer which according to the product info will also let you do the following:

    *Surf at work without being monitored by your boss.
    *Shop online with extra security.
    *Download pictures, movies and music in complete privacy.
    *Keep your personal information away from spammers.
    *Stay invisible to the Web sites you visit and online advertisers.

    Even Zone Alarm Pro contains privacy features to block pop-up and pop-under ads, web bugs, cookies and will remove private header information while you surf.

    In the end though, I agree with many of the posts on the other thread- I believe Instronics was the first on the thread to make this point- that more than anything you want to use good security practices and keep your machine patched.

    While anonymity may have its uses and it may even be a valuable piece in your security arsenal, being anonymous does not equal being secure and to believe so will leave you wide open for getting 0wn3d.

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    "I'm not sure if this question have been ask becuase i'm new here.
    can anyone teach me how to surf the internet anonymously....i think its
    called proxying? hmm not like"

    There's different types of proxys and levels of stealth you can
    achieve depending on the need.

    High anonymity Proxy, Anonymous Proxy

    Do a search on google you can find sight that have huge lists which are
    updated all the time for speed and best results
    pick one that's close to your region or location after
    connecting to a new proxy run this test to make sure
    it's working and to see if it's any good:

    For an extra layer of stealth after connecting through a
    proxy you can connect to ad free anonymizers to surf
    websights in peace and quiet.


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    This one gets my voted, I have posted this before but I couldn't find the post again


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    Has anybody tried a program called Ghost Surf?

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    Remember you need permission to use most proxy servers.

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    it's kind of a stupid question but why exactly do you want to surf anonymously azn_craze?

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