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    Quoting source in tut you wrote somewhere else ???

    The following thread lead me to open a thread here on the topic of citing sources in a tut or thread.


    Noodle proved he wrote the tut, although was accused of plagory.

    Should someone cite the source where he/she previously wrote the tut ?
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    Yes. Because that site might have legal issue with AO posting it. Some sites have strict copyright issues. TonyBradley wants to submit something for the newsletter and JUPM has to agree to the legal contracts that were sent by About.com.

    In addition, it avoids any miscommunication. People are less likely to make any accusation of plagarism.
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    I was wrong for not putting the link in there.
    I edited the post however.
    Next time, if it is published, I'll include the apropriate link like I should have in the first place.

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