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Thread: iexpIorer.exe error

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    iexpIorer.exe error

    hello... when i turn on my computer i get this ....windows couldt find iexpIorer.exe ...did u type the name correctly....... i click OK twice..... later when i check on Windows Task Manager theres like 5 copies of that file running .... taking me about 80 MB virtual memory....

    any help very appreciated.....

    PS : i scanned my computer with Noron Antivirus 2003 and Norton Win Doctor 2002 ......didn't help

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    sounds like a trojan or virus trying to start it self up, but trying to mask itself as internet explorer.

    Check all the startup locations. Since there is 5 of them... I'm willing to bet you'll find it in the startup folder, startup locations in the registry, win.ini, and a bunch of other places.

    Is it trying to connect to the net?

    netstat -an from command prompt will tell you which address and on which port.

    Since antivirus didn't find it... it might not be widespread... maybe something someone put on a p2p network and you downloaded or something of the sort.
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    Definatly not a normal file to be running on startup. I would start off by scanning (which you already did). After that, I would try to stop whatever file it is from starting on boot. Check your startup folder both on your profile and on All Users (assuming NTFS file system). Delete any uneeded programs from there. Then if you feel up to it, back up your registry, then type Regedit. Go here:


    Once there, check in the Run folder and check for unknown files there and delete the strings. Also check in Run Services, but I doubt there will be anything there

    Hope this helps, good luck!
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    all right ...tx guys ... helped me a lot

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    I have seen this before, check you c:/program files/internet explorer directory. I believe the file is called setup.exe if this is the same trojan. Hope this helps, Good Luck.
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