In the same point of view than the one of this thread. I thought about how viewing the General Chit Chat (and others forums like Cosmos where I confess I haven't gone since it had been removed from the main page) without losing the technical major aspect of AO the new staff want.
I think that bringing back AO in a security aspect is a good think, but I think the decision was maybe too hard. AOers need also to speak about something else than security without limitations.

That's why I posted this little suggestion:
As I guess it would be difficult to let everybody customise its own front page (and this even with a limitation, selecting some menbers (after a certain number of posts)). So I suggest to install a little "box" (like the one which contains the classic "active in AO forums" lasts threads/posts) at the bottom of the front page containing the 5-6 last "useless" threads/posts (from the general Chit Chat...). This box would be less important than the classic one and members/visitors will view useless threads less often than serious threads. But members will be able to keep an eye on what happens everywhere on AO from the front page, like before.
I know this solution can be *easily* implemented because JP used it with the news section during one month or two.

Your opinions?