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Thread: my last post

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    my last post

    i know that i've been a pain in the ass these two last days ...im sorry...
    since this is my last post ....please any1 ..i want to learn everything about security..how firewalls work..linux..windows... antiviruses...please send me as many links as possible

    TX again...

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    Power toad basically covered it, when you do searches for something specific though,
    do it like this

    "specific phraze or words"

    the quotes give you a lil more direct action.

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    ya know what is a great addition to google , www.searchlores.org with the guidance of searchlores you can find anything about anything + its an absolute maze of golden info . Fravia kicks ass!!!!!

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    now thats what im talkin about SHADOWN DANCER .... tx man

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    Google and whatnot are well and good for free, but I'd say that the best way to go about it is to take classes on it. See what the local colleges offer. Find out how to get certified in somethingorother.

    And check out your local bookstores. Look for books on things like A+ or MCSE. Most of the time, if you get a good book, it'll tell you both what you need to know and how to go about actually getting certified.

    Only real drawback is that school and books cost money. Lots and lots of American dollars.
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    Let me add you something,
    If you really wanna learn about security, read tonybradley's threads about computer security lesson... they are great.
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    I wrote somthing in the tutorials forum a while back.
    The thread is called securing your box.
    Here is the link

    It contains a whole lot of links for security.
    I am not sure if the all still work however.
    Last time I checked most of em did.
    I am working on a rewrite in anticode but that is a long term project.
    The links will be verified for the rewrite.

    Hope that helps you in your quest.


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    The only internet link you will ever need to learn all about security and to communicate with some excellent minds on the matter is Here

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