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Thread: IE spy ads

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    IE spy ads

    I am a newbie, and I use a programme that installs a list of restricted sites into the "restricted sites" of IE Security. It is intersting to note that two sites attempt to access my computer whenever I am on this site. They are
    The programme I refer to is from:- http://www.staff.uiuc.edu/~ehowes/resource.htm

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    I noticed that as well Tamariki. Two addys kept attempting connects to my computer and I just blocked them as I wasn't sure who or what they were.
    www.internet.com (and) mjxads.internet.com are blocked via my firewall ruleset.
    any ideas on their purpose?
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    mjxads.internet.com and internet.com are related to Jupiter Media (JUPM) who now own this site.

    the mjxads.internet.com is the adserver

    Copyright 2003 Jupitermedia Corporation All Rights Reserved
    Legal Notices , Licensing , Reprints , & Permissions , Privacy Policy .
    That is listed at the bottom of each page on AO.

    You said you have already blocked it from your firewall... that should suffice.
    If you wanted, you could have also added


    to your hosts file. When the browser tries to find it, it will look to the localhost and return a 404 error code as that server isn't running on your computer...
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