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    FTP server on a cable connection

    I have a cable connection (provider is: Telenet, belgium) and I know that this provider is forcing you to use their proxy server else you haven't an internet connection. But ports 2048 + above are open to use. But I haven't a static IP address.

    So: 1) can I ‘make’ a static IP address ?
    2) Can my provider see that I am running a server, and has anybody did this already by this provider ?
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    Static IP

    Unfortunitly you wont be able to get static IP unless your ISP provides one... Im not sure if there is anyway of getting around that.. Maybe some kinda Switch & Hub hook up..

    and Yes your ISP will know that you are running an FTP.. However unless they have a password to your FTP then they will be unable to tell what youhave on it !

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