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Thread: Any recommendation for Redhat Linux additional firewall?

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    Unhappy Any recommendation for Redhat Linux additional firewall?

    I am wonder is there any additional Redhat Linux firewall which i can install beside those default buildin firewall.People telling to use netfilter or iptables but that's very difficult to install it inspite reading all those instruction.Is there any other alternatives?

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    I figured a program would come with red hat-- shorewall came with mine, and if you read through the help files and its website, it becomes pretty easy to configure, even for a newb like me. Also, gshield has been recomended to me. As far as being installed, iptables should already be.
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    just setup ip tables, im sure there is a tutorial on that somewhere around here..

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    Thank guys for been so helpful.I will give it a try on your links provided.Cheer...

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