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Thread: Lusers just givin it out.

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    Lusers just givin it out.

    So basicly, network admins around the world are in many ways just waisting their time?

    This wont come as news to most of you but maybe it could act as a reminder.
    Office workers give away passwords for a cheap pen
    By John Leyden
    Posted: 17/04/2003 at 17:01 GMT @ The Register:

    One interviewee said, "I am the CEO, I will not give you my password it could compromise my company's information".

    A good start, but then the company boss blew it. He later said that his password was his daughter's name.

    What is your daughters name the interviewer cheekily asked.

    He replied without thinking: "Tasmin".

    The whole story: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/55/30324.html

    Now I do not belive the numbers are an exact accurate view of reality, but in any case, its damn scary to hear that lusers still totally lacks any sign of intelligence.
    I know lots and lots have tried to educate users to have strong passwords and force time limit, minimum length, alpha numeric and such but as long as they keep on useing post-its cuz they only have a 16bit memory, its still a waste of time.

    I mean we can go on and on about patching, firewalling, IDS:es and all, but still, a big chunk of cheese still lyes in the lusers.
    You can only limit an accounts priviliges soo far... still access gained by anyone not athorized is way dangerous.

    I was thinking about putting this in tech humor, but actually it aint that darn funny when you come to think about it.
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    lusers are teh suk.

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    Ok, I give. After 5 posts all saying exactly the same thing, WTF is "teh suk?"
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    yah, no kidding, he's included it in almost every post that I have read of his...
    Apparently it is a part of today's youth culture that I am just not in touch with...
    so..., what is "teh suk" for us out of touch individuals...

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    From http://www.urbandictionary.com/
    Teh Suk:
    "teh suk (there is simply no other way)"

    'The ultimate suckable suckage of sucking in suckableness; The PRIME example of the worst of the worst.'

    'My computer is teh suk! (my computer is literally the worst computer in the entirety of the ****ing world, yes, even worse than found parts you might assemble at a garbage dump)'
    I guess that could be it.
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