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Thread: My Bad tonybradley

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    Unhappy My Bad tonybradley

    ok, this post is specifically directed at http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=242677


    this is just a quick apology to the writter of that and the previous tutorials. i admit that i did not read his post very well, and got my ideas from what other people had said in that post and the ones before hand. so basically, i took all the bad comments that people made (which were wrong) and added my own and summed it all up. which was probably a stupid thing to do.

    another reason i said it was someone elses work is because he said it came from a site, and because i didnt read it very well, it came from his site. and the fact that it was done as a quote, usually meaning that he is quoting someone or something else.

    but anyways, i stuffed up, and i accept the consequences, now that thats outa the way i can sleep better :P

    hehe, bout that tonybradley.

    - Trying is the first step towards failure. the moral is never try.
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    you are teh suk.

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