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Thread: A Trojan in VB

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    A Trojan in VB

    Hey Guys,
    I'm making a trojan in VB for educational purposes ;-)
    I'm including a new feature which will take complete control of the victims computer. For this i'll have to send mouseup mouse down etc event from client to server while i have to send images of screen from server to client very fast . how can this be done?
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    Hi ambrood,
    I'm making a 1st person 3d shooter for (l)earning purposes ;-)
    I'm including a new feature which will render everything in 3d. For this i'll have to be able to directly control the video card etc while i have to keep the framerate high. how can this be done? In other words could someone else do this for me as I don't know a **** about it?

    I'm just trying to say that if you don't know how to do the main functions of your program then I really wonder if you can do anything else of it. You should start by coding lesser applications that do only one little thing but well. First make an app that just sends data over a network to the client and then another app that takes screenshots (or whatever) and then combine those two.

    Try this site I found by googling: Client-Server Conversion and Screen Scraping
    Then there are of course dozens of other VB sites, www.planet-source-code.com and www.programmersheaven.com being two of the most famous ones. More here.
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    hey, lets (please) not call this a trojan...
    lets call it a , umm.... , remote admin tool (rat)*

    you're doing this in VB , ok?
    might be a little harder to send visual(s) back to the client, at least not very fast.
    you'd prolly want your feedback to be in Text...

    although if i was going to send visual feedback to the client, i would try to use some pre-existing streaming technology. doing this frame by frame in VB would be unreasonably slow!

    like zero-one said: try looking at some tutorials/source(s) from planetsourcecode.com (great resource )
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    please lemmi know if your trojan works.
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