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    It's a router. It's a firewall. It shares Internet access between all the PCs on your network, and -- will you look at that -- it's an Internet proxy as well. Heck, it's everything you've ever wanted between your home systems and the big bad Internet. It's SmoothWall!

    OK, granted, it sounds a lot like my first Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router.

    Except it's free! Or, it's free if you have an old beater system (a 486 or better will do nicely), a couple of NICs, and the ability to burn a CD. Plus, it's open source, so lots of eyes are making it better every day.

    Things to like about SmoothWall

    * It recycles a system that might otherwise get tossed into a landfill.

    * It's a quick install from its 22MB ISO image.

    * It can talk directly to many USB DSL modems.

    * It can act as an Internet proxy, storing oft-hit Web information locally.

    * It has a simple Web-based interface.
    source: techtv.com

    Smoothwall is a great option for those who have an old pc and desire a firewall/router/internetproxy.

    You can get it here--> www.smoothwall.org

    I searched the forums for smoothwall and only noticed 5 some with just links to smoothwall and a few comments so i decided to post this. If i overlooked a thread with something similar under a different key word pertaining to smoothwall please let me know.

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    That is a pretty good one.

    I have set them up before and tested them out. Very easy (just make sure your hardware is supported) and after you are done setting it up... pull the keyboard, monitor, mouse etc.

    You can manage it from another workstation via console or web. (only intranet, can't be managed from the internet.)

    IPCOP is another one that is very similar. Some people I have talked to like it better...
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    I use smoothwall on 3 diffreent machines it's gereat as you say.
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    dublix - Are you using Smoothwall now? If so, for how long and what do you personally think of it? I heard about Smoothwall here at AO, along with IPCop and Mandrake SNF. The reviews I've seen were very positive, plus they are all supposed to be easier for newbie Linux users to configure. I've been leaning toward Smoothwall but I downloaded all three because I just love to make my life even more confusing and complicated than it already is! Any opinion, tips, tricks or tweaks you want to pass along would be greatly appreciated.
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    Smoothwall is *nux based.
    I'll personnally prefer to use independant free open source modules like:
    - The well known Netfilter for firewalling functions & NAT
    - Iproute & TC for shapping
    - Zebra for routing (static + dynamic)
    - Squid for proxy

    I guess that understanding each function gives an almost full control aboput the security level of the intranet!

    Though, that's looks like a pretty good sw i'll remind it, thanx
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