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    I always have a problem with viri. I constantly get infected but norton or anti-trojan can never seem to find the damn thing. I have the newest definitions and everything. I even tried online scans from symantec and mcafee and I still cant find didly. Anyone have an idea.

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    Are you running as root? You might not have appropriate permissions when your scanning. And if you are on root change your account to limited and primarily use that account, because if your on a limited account and get a virus it wont be able to deliver the destruction because the virus wont have appropriate permissions to do all the nasty things they like to do.

    Try this one out. http://www.grisoft.com/html/us_index...89a7e11b3493e0

    AVG has always impressed me and its free!

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    AVG is always a nice and free solution. I'm strange so I prefer f-prot dos version. It doesnt have all the great features like AVG but it seems to get the job done.


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    First of all you must tell us which OS are you using it cos otherwise this will lead us to no end.As for window,I recommend you to grap Kaspersky AV which is really the best among so many AV i have been testing it reliablility.One thing bad a Kaspersky is that once it start scanning,it eat up lot of your system resources.Which mean that you can only do other things like web browsing after your AV scan.

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    One Virus Engine Is Not Enough

    This white paper explains why anti-virus software alone is not enough to protect your organization against the current and future onslaught of computer viruses. Examining the different kinds of email attacks that threaten today’s organizations, this paper describes the need for a solid server-based content-checking gateway to safeguard your business against email viruses and attacks.

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    That was all folks!

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