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Thread: Is it necessary to have Antivirus software on Linux?

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    Is it necessary to have Antivirus software on Linux?

    I just wonder is it really necessary to have a antivirus software cos almost 99% virus cannot attack a Linux but there are still some Linux virues out there.If you think it is necessary,which free antivirus software which you will recommend for Redhat v9?

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    Yes I feel it is still very necessary if you are on the Internet period. That 1% will destroy everthing!!!!

    These are all good and available at Freshmeat.net




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    Actually many peaple "think" that virii can't harm their PCs if they have a *nix box. The fact is virii can harm numerous OS styles... its just that it wouldn't hardly popup at the startup without the help of a rootkit unlike alot of these windows trojans/worms.

    So whats the difference between the two? Well alot of windows virii sets up a .reg or whatever so it'll load at the startup but if something is on a *nix then a attack would come almost instantly when you open the file or it'll probably distort your OS like a rootkit would in order to setup attacks on a later date instead of instant yet small attacks. You must also remember: 'if you have dual boot and you install virii... once you switch OS you can be effected.'

    If you don't feel like geting AV then I would highly suggest consintrating more on firewalls especially since exploits are more common then *nix virii.

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    Besides, it can't hurt. Worst case scenario, you install it and it never gets used. Small price to pay for knowing that your computer is as safe as you can make it.
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    And, if you have a virus scanner, then you won't accidentally pass on a virus by sending an infected file to a friend. Just because it doesn't hurt you computer doesn't mean that your friend won't get pissed off because the file you gave him killed his computer.
    My computer had a copy of some virus sitting around because a friends machine was connected to it via SMB and it wrote itself to my shared folder..., it didn't hurt me any, but had another friend double clicked on that file...
    Think of it as kind of pre-emptive quarantine, if you know that no file on your box is infected, then you don't have to worry about accidently infecting another box.

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    Which free Antivirus software will you recommend since Linux will still get infested with viruses?I have used tone of difference antivirus softwares for window OS but need your advise on Linux.

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    perhaps it can help you :

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    most ppl don't have much common sense...so in a word


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    The other guys are rigth, if you get conected to the internet, you betther protect youre friends OS, no mather if you are safe.


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    Hummmmm....... why did this thread become such a hotspot for negs?

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