mandrake 9 and cd room
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Thread: mandrake 9 and cd room

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    mandrake 9 and cd room

    hi guys
    i dont know what's wrong with my cdrom??
    it has a lock on it
    so everytime i try to play an audio cd
    it gives out an error about permission
    then i log as root
    and no use
    any ideas!!

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    this is about SOLARIS but mights help

    The warning about cdrom drive permissions which workman gives is harmless, and does not affect your ability to play CDs. The reason you don't hear any sound is that audio CDs output sound only through the headphone jack on Solaris workstations, and not through the system speakers. You will need to plug headphones or speakers into the headphone jack on the cdrom drive in order to hear music.


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