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Thread: Not really an anti-virus question...

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    Not really an anti-virus question...

    hey guys, i am a n00b and i have a basic question. I am running windows xp, and i have an application that i want to run whenever the computer starts up. How do i do this? anyways, sorry about posting in the wrong forum, i couldnt really find a forum where this question would be relevant. please email me the answer at wdpballa1@aol.com thank you
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    Start Menu > Programs > Startup
    this is the easiest way without touching the registry which sounds like a good idea regarding your amount of experience.

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    The easiest way would to just add it to your startup folder.

    If you want it to run only when you signon...

    %systemdrive%\documents and settings\youruseracct\start menu\programs\startup

    create a shortcut there.

    you could also add it to the registry...


    create a key there and point it to what you want to startup.

    the registry tweaking is a bit dangerous if you don't know what you're doing... I'd stick with method 1.

    there are many other ways too... but this will get the job done pretty easily for you.

    I suggest you search google for startup locations if you want to know more.
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