This isnt security related, but i think some people might be interested in it. Ok, have you ever wanted to delete certain file types from your limited account, but didnt have the appropriate permissions,or delete files from your kazaa shared folder without having to switch back over to your root account to do so? I usually make very simple batch files to delete certain file extension's although to make a .bat file into an extension is not the easiest thing to do, which would give you the ability to just right click run as. So what i do is just use this simple freeware program called "beclean" you can get it here--> . All you have to do is "right click run as" this program from your limited account, then under Disk Clean Wizard-->Next-->Select the appropriate drive A: C: D: E: etc..then fill in the appropriate extensions hit next. Voila! now you can delete whichever extensions you want in a relatively simple manor. I usually enter in this one
Warning this is just an example and is certainly not for most people:

You might have noticed the comma in between each extension this is required in be clean, in batch files you just need a space in between each minus the comma. You may have also noticed the same extensions repeated only in capital letters this is because "beclean" is case sensitive.

Since im not a linux guru or anything i just figured i should try to contribute something to help someone in some fashion/lol.

<edit> i posted this on a different board some time ago, but it was written a little different. it was on the board at hdc.