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Thread: something wrong with google???

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    something wrong with google???

    Hi, I started my computer today, ran IE 6, went to www.google.com and it automatically directed me to www.google.com.br which is google in Brazil, I don't even live there...
    Before that i sent me to google.com.mx which is for Mexico where I live.
    Anybody knows whats wrong or how to fix this???


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    http://www.google.com.mx/ <-- try putting it in manually. Otherwise, it could be that your ISP may be listed under Brazil rather than just going to www.google.com and hoping it redirects ok.
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    You can set what language google is displayed in by clicking the prefrences link to the right of the search bar. There's tons of languages to pick from, including some fake ones (h@x0r, igpay atinlay, etc.) Pick the one you want, and google will take care of the rest.

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