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Thread: Windows to Linux

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    Windows to Linux

    So far Im using Microsoft Operating System. And I wanted also to buy and use Linux as one of my operating system in the near future. But first I need more tutorials on Linux especially the RedHat system. Where can I find the links tutorials on linux operating system (for newbie only) which I can easily understand the basic commands and other features of the system. Thanks
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    the best and most cost effective way to get yourself a linux distro and some know how on how to use it if you hvae slow internet is to buy a book on linux, look for one of the for dummies or learn in 28 days, they have very simple instructions to get you started and move into the more detailed stuff as you go along

    i bought myself the linux bible here in oz last year, admittedly it only came with redhat 7.2 which was a bit old, but it was very helpful ingetting up and started

    if you dont want to buy yourself a book, the official documentation that comes with redhat 8 is a good place to find your basic commands and stuff like that, you'll find it on redhats official site (www.redhat.com), a search on 'documentation' will give you the results you need

    you can get the iso images for redhat from www.linuxiso.org, they also have many other different versions of linux for you to download there, be aware that RH8 is 3 cd's and requires a rather beefy system to run, i have it on a p3 667 w/ 256 meg RAM, RH reccomens a min ram of 128 and min processor of 300 MHz for text only mode (no GUI)

    hope this helps you out a bit

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    I myself about a week ago now installed a dual boot w/Redhat/XP and got the iso files online. Theres a very windows like gui that helps you get adjusted to it and commands like man and apropro really help you undertsand the commands and there usage. Your best bet is just to dive right it. There is only so much you can learn by book. The rest you just have to get in and learn. NOt to mention ask questions on here!! This has been my most valuable resource yet.

    Good Luck,

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    try this out


    this is a good startup tutorial for linux

    hope it helps
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