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    Files Attached

    Whenever I view my profile and look at the 'most downloaded files attached by user' I see an attachment that I attach to a thread.
    I attached it sending someone a PM.
    IMHO files attached in a PM should not be world viewable.
    Can someone convirm this.
    My profile is:
    And the attachment is the modx.bmp


    I just noticed something else
    My profile says I registered in August 2002 where next to this post you can see I registered in march 2002.

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    I posted this bug ages back, I think it was when JP was still running the site. Not the most motivated bug-fixer ever but it was posted again by neel anyway.


    StreetRunner said he'd fix it up in neel's bug posting so maybe they are still working on it.

    With your registration date in your profile, I can't see anywhere where it says registered Aug 2002. The registration date though is in the format mm-dd-yyyy (damn Americans ).

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    I had not seen that posts.
    Sorry for that.
    I still think it should be fixed as soon as possible.
    Maybe 'the powers that be' forgot the bug.

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