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Thread: FREE USB A-KEY(tm)

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    FREE USB A-KEY(tm)

    Many of you may not have noticed this thinking it is some sort of junk/spam/advert but trust me it is not.
    Check out this link:


    It is a free authenex a-key almost anyone can claim it it is completely free even the postage is free.
    Just check it out I promise it will be worth.
    I have claimed mine so why don't you claim yours.
    also the registration form to fill out is very short it will only take 5 min.

    Da C0bra Man

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    AO übergeek phishphreek's Avatar
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    I saw this advertised right on AO. At the top of the page, there is an ad for it.

    I filled out the forms well over a month ago and have not heard a peep from them via e-mail or nor have I recieved the key in the mail...

    Has anyone else recieved one? How long did you wait?

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    I have my key, so does hogfly. I believe Juridian has one also. I also have a developer kit on the way, but haven't gotten that yet. Took about 2 to 3 weeks to get my key, but I think hogflys took like 6 weeks.
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    I have not received my key yet as I only signed up for it today but I do beleive it is genuine

    Has anyone else received their A-Key

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    yeah thanks that was of a great help

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    you are welcome

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    I'm glad to hear that others are still waiting aswell... It has been some time now..., Oh well, it will be a bit before I have access to a Windows box of my own to use it... I don't go home 'till May 17th.., I hope that it comes to me by then, or else it will have to get forwarded to me in PA (I am currently in WI).

    I have to admit it has piqued my curiosity...

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    ive applied, but im from the UK - wonder how long it will take...............

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    Same here.. I'm still waiting.. but well.. usualy stuff goes from us to the USA and not the other way around
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    WOW. Cool man. I sent for mine just now. I say we all subscribe to this thread and let each other know when we get ours. Thanx dac0braman!
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