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Thread: web design skills

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    web design skills

    what's the best way to promote your web design skills, other than creating a website and putting your email on it
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    Umm, to what purpose do you wish to promote you skills? To get a job with a company? To go into business for youself? Just to show off?

    An online resume might work well to get a job or to promote your own...
    A real paper resume? Advertising? I dunno.., I'm confused. Perhaps further elucidation might provide for more quality responses. Or, perhaps I am just lost.

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    You could go for joining some of the art groups online and making your internet presence known to certain groups. Many great and not so great designers hang out on sites such as DeviantArt.com where you can share your work with others, receive comments and ratings. There are tons of other sites like that. I think it also broadens your prospective as a designer, showing you different styles of artwork and design. You'll find yourself trying new things.

    Recently, I joined a few skinning sites, as it was something I had never tried, besides making a few wallpapers. I'm learning new techniques that can help me in all aspects of design, not just skinning, and I'm being exposed to seasoned skinners who are very helpful and appreciative of new users in the community.

    I would also suggest instead of just making a typical site, to make an interactive portfolio of the things you are capable of. Not only is this good for the visitor, it's also a good dated reference to yourself of how you've improved over time, you might even find yourself getting rid of older work as you develop a more critical eye towards the designs you've created.

    Web design and development is ever evolving...so you'll never know it all at once, but it's fun as hell trying.

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