Ok - with the new Arnie movie coming out, we need to re-hash some one-liners. I also wanted to inlcude one-liners from other celebs proving their 'bad-a$$ness' and of course from the toughest people in the world, us geeks.

A few examples:

Quote/Author or Orator/Film or other media as required

"I'll be back."/Arnold Schwarzenegger/The Terminator
"Stick around."/Arnold Schwarzenegger/Predator
"What the hell are you?!?"/Arnold Schwarzenegger/Predator

"... I AM THE LAW!"/Sylvester Stallone/Judge Dredd

"I'm gonna kick off in your f****** a$$!"/me/past military life

I will update this with links and more lines when I need more stress breaks. Add-on as you see fit.