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Thread: Devil Bug in google?

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    Originally posted here by UpperCell
    Thanks for replying, but that link didn't help, it still crashes IE and it's still wierd as crap! I'll try it at work tommorow, I'm sure it will work there... I guess my comp is trying to tell me something screw it all!
    Are you using 56k dial-up or AOL? Everything worked fine here as well. XP Pro, IE 6

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    Your first problem is you are using IE (closely followed by running XP! ) Have you thought of using something different like Mozilla? (www.mozilla.org)

    Internet Explorer is intimately connected with the operating system, has a vast number of acknowledged security problems and obtains it's configuration information (including your name) from the operating system.

    While I am aware that none of this affects the problem which you originally posted about (no idea why that's happening), if you are concerned about your own security and privacy (which you obviously are or you wouldn't be on AO), switching browsers is a small and easy step to increasing your security.



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    You wouldn't be trying this search on a machine that runs some kind of internet safety software (like CyberPatrol or NetNanny), are you? That would be the only thing I can think of that would be monitoring the keywords you enter into a search engine, and I can imagine that "devil" might be flagged keyword. Sounds to me like something is catching your query and trying to do something but crashes before it can finish.
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    must be you sorry, works ok 4 me 2

    1st link is :


    try that !!

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    ok, it works on my work computer, and no, It was a perfectly run of the mill win2k setup with IE6 on a cable modem routed over my lan I set it up myself about a moth ago. I guess this was just a random problem, like when I accidentally wrote a bit of perfectly normal javascript a few years back and it froze my computer, but no one elses (98se and IE4). I don't plan on searching for 'devil' anytime soon anyways

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    mindpilot, you would get the same results from searching 'devil' on google as you would 'god' on microsoft.com :P

    are you sure its just the word devil??

    i once heard a story about a computer that was possessed and it decapitated two guys that were standing around it. they got this preist guy in the excorsize it. hehe, seemed to work :P

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