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Thread: folder lock

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    folder lock

    hi ... i have some programs i want to secure from my sister .... because shes opens them and crashes my computer every time.... so i put them in a folder .. but i need a program to password protect the folder ... i searched the net but everyone is shareware...do toy any free ones

    im using winxp pro...runing one admin account ....

    tx for any good answer

    do you know any free ones ******

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    You already have a free one.

    Create separate user accounts for each user.

    Then make sure you are using the NTFS filesystem.
    To find out which one you are using... go into my computer, then right click on your system drive, choose properties. It should tell you the filesystem type.

    If you are using fat32...

    get to a command prompt and type

    convert c: /fs:ntfs

    Assuming that c drive is your main drive.
    You will need to reboot after converting.

    Then assign permissions.

    Right click on the folder you want to restrict.
    Then click on security.

    Choose which usernames can access the folder.

    Make sure that not everyone has access to the admin account... as they can just as easily add themselves to the permissions on the folder. Best bet... make everyone powerusers...

    Only use the admin account when you need to... i.e. installs, system changes, etc.

    Viola! All at the cost of... nada, zip, zero, zilch... well, you did pay for the OS...

    Ah, if you want to know more about NTFS permissions... click here .
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    actually i didnt .. downloaded it from kazaa ...hehe... but thanks for that reply ...

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    yes download it from kazaa but why you still asked that question ???

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    you dont make any sense .. i said i downloaded XP from kazaa but i asked how i can LOCK MY FOLDER WITH A PASSWORD ....

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    He is saying that you should make your sister here own account and then simply remove her access from any folder you like. It wouldn't take much space and is much easier than having to enter a password everytime. It would only take less than 10 min to set-up...

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    Originally posted here by MemorY
    actually i didnt .. downloaded it from kazaa ...hehe... but thanks for that reply ...
    You Mentioned kazaa could you please reply with the url

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    Using Kazaa will not likely give him a URL, just virii
    My home network got infected, been fine since I left Kazaa turned off...

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    it has its good and bad points, but there is a 50 : 50 chance of d/l a file which has been renamed, no problems with virii though - just stupid spyware !!!

    Use Irc Gold - much better

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    ok, i dont know how to do this. i have been trying for ages.

    i choose a folder, and i goto sharing and security, but the check box that says make this folder private is shaded in so i cant check it. this problem is the same even when there are several limited account. at the time, i am using an admin account.

    please help
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