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Thread: MS-DOS 5.00-7.10 Undocumented, Secret + Hidden Features

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    MS-DOS 5.00-7.10 Undocumented, Secret + Hidden Features

    hi ... i just found this site on secret ms-dos commands and other stuff ... if anybody is interested


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    Hei thanx thats good job coz actually im interested in ms dos

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    Great post. Thanks for the linkage. Here are some good XP Tweaks if anybody is interested. more linkage
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    Now that's a good find. Thank you very much MemorY.

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    thanks man. awesome site.

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    Excellent site. Keep it up

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    if you are interested in DOS, and can actually locate a copy of it, one of the best books I have found was one called "Voodoo DOS" by Kay Yarborough Nelson. Gave some pretty cool tips and tricks and I remember learning a LOT using that book... of course it was printed way back in 1993, so some of it is quite a bit dated.

    I have found that some of the tips/tricks in that book work well in DOS 7.x too. Kay also had a decent book on batch programming but I can't remember the name of it right now and for whatever reason I couldn't find it when I did a search on the author. I'll post the name tomorrow because I know I have it back at the house.

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    Great site! Thanks much!
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