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Thread: Using WindowsTime in Win2k

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    Using WindowsTime in Win2k

    I had always disabled the windows time service because I didn't see any obvious way to configure it and I was frankly too lazy to go find how to do it; however, on a couple of systems the time was very important and I was required to get it working.

    Courtesy of www.regedit.com:

    Start -> Run -> RegEdt32


    Delete value Period

    Add Value: Period (REG_DWORD)
    0 - once a day
    65535 - once every 2 days
    65534 - once every 3 days
    65533 - once every week (7 days)
    65532 - once every 45 minutes until 3 good synchronizations occur, then once every 8 hours (3 per day) [default]
    65531 - once every 45 minutes until 1 good synchronization occurs, then once every day

    Change Value: Type
    Set to 'NTP' (It is probably NT5DS)

    Add Value: NtpServer (REG_SZ)
    Set to 'Your_timeserver_here'

    Add Value: ReliableTimeSource (REG_DWORD)
    Set to '0'

    Control Panel->administrative tools->services

    stop/start WindowsTime

    (you might have to enable it if you disabled)

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    Finaly someone figures it out! Ive been wondering how to do that also without having to get some stupid program that just sits in the system tray and anoys me. Very usefull post(atleast to me)! Thanx nebulus200!
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