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    Angry ebay & hotmail hacker vicitm here!

    Help! I've been hacked! I was reading emails in my hotmail account at work (public computer). I logged out for a bit, and when I logged back in, hotmail stated that my password was "invalid". After several attempts to get my password back, reset password, etc., I found out that my ebay password wasn't working as well! This seemed too coincidental, so I found a "my ebay" cookie still working in my computer, still signed in, at home, and found out that SOME HACKER had placed almost $2000 worth of Nascar tickets up for bid under my username and they sold!!! I have no way of getting my ebay account OR my hotmail account back, do I? How can I report this ___hole??? What can I do? Thanks for reading!

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    First off contact ebay and let them now that it wasn't a real auction, that may save that account, and try and get the account back from them. I am guessing you used the same password for every thing so the next step is to find out who knew your password...I would guess that you where the victim of some "social engineering" and probably told some one your password. When you get both accounts back (or make new ones) use different passwords for every thing and use some nonstandard characters (things like #$)

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    ssadie2000: Change your passwords. Make sure you have protection on your computer (firewall, antivirus with up to date definitions) and run a Trojan Cleaner. (http://www.moosoft.com/thecleaner/ is an example and they have a 30 day trial)
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    Note : Prevention is better than cure. Get an Antivirus !!!

    What you are saying is that this guy seems to have your passwords etc.

    I would prob suggest you have some back door on your machine.

    Get an antivirus/trojan from www.downloads.com.

    some of them are free.

    I would start by looking to see if you have a trojan on your machine.

    The next thing to do is e-mail e-bay support and explain the situation.

    The third thing to do is get a new hotmail account unless you can remember your security password.

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    Re: ebay & hotmail hacker vicitm here!

    Originally posted here by ssadie2000
    I have no way of getting my ebay account OR my hotmail account back, do I? How can I report this ___hole??? What can I do? Thanks for reading!
    Try contacting the guys and girls at hotmail and/or ebay.
    Change your passwords (if you still can).

    Edit: Don't you just hate it when everybody replies at the same time

    But everyone else is right. Get a virusscanner and a personal firewall. Make sure your system is up-to-date on patches. Change ALL your passwords.
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    First off i would get a firewall this is a good one www.sygate.com. You could try to contact ebay and hotmail, and explain to them what has happend, it would be better to notify them rather than not say anything. That way you can try and get a resolution to this problem. Hopefully with the correct personal identification information provided they will begin a speedy investigation into your claim.

    Submit your claim to hotmail and ebay here abuse@hotmail.com abuse@ebay.com

    <edit> change your passwords, i was just reminded of that from this thread on the front board.

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    Yeah contact ebay immediatley, I would try contacting hotmail too, don't know if they'll help much though, never had to. . .shouldn't have any problems with ebay though. . .next time if your going to use a public computer to check your mail, make sure that you don't select the remember everytime option, choose one of the other two. . .g/l, I'm sure it'll work out okay.
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