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    I need to know advantages and disadvantages of hardware firewalls over software firewalls. (ie which one is better and why) also, anyone with product recommendations or personal experience please post.
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    Well Honestly I think they are both good.

    I run a NAT router ($49) before my cable modem which masks your IP and devices behind it. Would be considered hardware firewall. But I also run McAfee firewall/AV software on my WinXP boxes. This allows you to filter out certain activity, it logs attacks and scans on your computers, it allows you to trace and counter scans and attacks also.

    The bottom line in my view is that Software firewalls allow you to really see what is going on in your network/connection and allows you to tune, filter, log, and control the activity.

    Hardware firewalls are Robust - install and walk away. for the person that doesnt want to monitor, log, tune alot. They can provide a false sense of security if the ACL's are not updated and checked though.

    I recommend using both!

    for free good firewalls see sygate.com and zonealarm.com

    hardware firewalls..use any NAT router. Linksys, netgear, etc.. $49-$100.

    my $.02

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    Hardware firewalls can be more difficult to configure than software firewalls. Software firewalls can be more annoying because they always pop up messages telling you who or what is attempting to access your computer, however, these messages can easily be turned down or completely off. Software firewalls also let you know when something is trying to access the Internet without your permission. this is very useful in monitoring for spyware that can track your Internet usage and relay that information to someone without your knowledge.hardware firewalls use firmware stored in memory chips to control their operation. They have firewall software built into the device. the router firmware can and should be updated as improvements are developed to keep it as secure as possible. The firmware version can be seen from a configuration screen usually accessed by your Internet browser. IMHO I like to think that the hardware firewall is more secure since it is always there. The software firewall may not load at boot up and can leave your computer exposed to the Internet. On the other hand, monitoring for programs accessing the Internet without permission is where software firewalls excel.
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    This is my first post & question:

    Is it okay to have Zone Alarm Pro, Mc Afee & Norton Firewalls installed together?

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    I don't use hardware firewalls personally. I like using software firewalls. My favorites would be Black Ice or Zone Alarm.
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    Yes but. You probably don't want to do this, as it will not gain you much security and waste a lot of resources.

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    Shakira, to answer your question, I really would NOT have all three running at the same time, it's unlikely to give you any extra protection and may actually give you less protection as one or more might cause conflicts with any of the other firewalls. Choose one you like and stick with it and make sure you keep it up to date as soon as any new exploits get found.

    Personally I think Norton and McAfee firewalls suck... depending on your version number of Zonealarm Pro is ok (as far as I'm concerned I know others will have different opinions). Some people like Sygate Pro or Home (http://www.sygate.com/), others will recommned Agnitum outpost(http://www.agnitum.com/products/outpost/). I'm currently running Winroute Pro (http://www.kerio.com/us/wrp_home.html) which I quite like - it appears to do the job

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