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Thread: Microsoft Patch......

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    Microsoft Patch......

    "Redmond is looking into a fix for security patch it issued late last week. The patch which was designed to stave off a buffer overrun that could allow attackers to elevate privilege permissions on users' machines ended up slowing some users' systems to a crawl."

    Just a heads up, I'm sure most of you are aware of this already. This patch slowed me down to a dead stop! Applications would take forever, multitasking....forget about it, if you have this patch installed, yank it. Luckily it is listed in add/remove programs under Hot Fixes, the patch is 811493...Happy Hunting!
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    I perfect example of why not to just patch systems, but to test out the patches on a test system first. MS has a long history of releaseing "patches" that break systems, IMHO if you don't need a patch don't install it , this one is a local only exploite so unless you manage systems in an enviroment where untrusted users get access to it the patch isn't needed.

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    I was looking for starting a new thread about the microsoft patch and security downloads but Wazz started it already so I will say here what happened to me.

    Couple of days ago I downloaded all the security updates and patches from ms. Around 45 of those and since I have dual boot with rh 8.0, and it is on completely on a other partition of the disk, I wasn't aware that those patches are going to harm anything to my RedHat. After I done downloading everything I needed to restart my computer, after restarting my computer RedHat was GONE without any backup warning from microsoft. It was completely gone. I checked if I have the partition available so I can redownload it. But my partition was gone too.

    So anyways after I done cursing and pissing, I finally thought to re-partition my HD and Install Linux. Now this is the fun part , I cannot install the linux all the installation process was keep intrupting and without any reason and I simply can't reinstall Linux. So I reinstall xp from the cd and then I was able to install linux. What a pain.

    I learned one lesson never trust security downloads and patches from microsoft, instead of downloading patches and stuff from microsoft. I prefer I should update my anti virus, and firewall instead.

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    Ok, just as a habbit working at a computer shop. about 70% of the problems with XP in particular, are the hot fixes. they keep stuffing up the computer. i recommend disabling auto update and dont download any patches for windows...just wait until the service pack comes out. at least that way you are almost guaranteed that the things some patches carry with them arent there.
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