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Thread: ntfs partitions in linux

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    ntfs partitions in linux

    can anybody help me in mounting my windows ntfs partitions in read/write mode in linux.........
    i was anle to successfully mount them in read mode only.........

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    You should start here http://linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/ this will give you info on NTFS on Linux. Hope it helps.

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    Please note that NTFS under Linux is experimental and VERY VERY dangerous. You can (and probably will) lose data trying this.
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    Please note that NTFS under Linux is experimental and VERY VERY dangerous.
    I'd like to second this...

    I set it up on a test box of mine. RH8 and Win2k

    The read part worked fine. The write didn't work all that well. I'm actaully very glad that it was a test box...

    It seems that linux is good at reading from a NTFS and writing the file types to ext3 (which is what I was using) but it is not good at taking it from ext3 and writing to NTFS...

    I'm sure that it will get better with time though. It always does.
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    Please note that NTFS under Linux is experimental and VERY VERY dangerous. You can (and probably will) lose data trying this.
    I'd like to third this if I may, I also set it up on a box running knoppix 3.1 installed on HD (using ext3) trying to access a test box running XP Pro. I'd agree the read part works fine, I've never had a problem with that (tried it with knoppix, full debian install, mandrake and RH) . Writing to NTFS nearly completely hosed the system..nsbuttar I really would think again if I were you.

    Similarly I agree with phish - I'm sure it'll get better

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    NTFS in linux is a very bad Idea and will be for another year or two. Your best bet is to make a fat32 partition to share files between your linux and windows parttions.
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    Linux will read NTFS fine (which is still a good effort it being a "secure" filesystem and all) but write is still very much experiemental and I wouldn't do it on a drive you happened to have anything you wanna keep on it.
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    thx for all the information u guys provided and specially PuReExcTacy for providing me with the link to have technical information abt ntfs partitions and i will try to program to read ntfs partitions myself i was needing that information....

    Once agains thnx everybody

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    I've been playing with ntfs and Linux the past few weeks.
    ( I even wrote a few pages on what I did with a drive partitioned completly with ntfs to add Linux )

    For the 2.4.x kernel, the best you'll do is read ntfs ( without destroying anything )

    For write, you'll need the 2.5.x kernel ( I had NO luck with patching the 2.4.x kernel with the new ntfs version ) but I have not played with 2.5.x yet, may have to wait; other projects are more pressing.
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