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Thread: socks proxy for linux

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    socks proxy for linux

    i am providing my users net access via a proxy server (squid) running on RH 7.3 to provide http proxy...........
    currently my clients running MS Windows and using some specific softwares like Kaaza,mIRC etc which can use traffic trough socks proxy only, are unable to use their softwares
    so i was wondering if i can have such a transparent proxy server for socks or i could configure squid to provide socks proxy ...........
    i looked at socks5 after googling but i suppose that is something middleman type and u need to have ur on socks server and also socks client intalled on client m/cs but how will MS Windows will be able to doit...........

    if i am wrong pls help me

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    Squid is a HTTP proxy and as such can only be used to proxy http (and maybe ftp?). Socks5 can be used to proxy all sorts of protocols. You do not need anyhting on the clients if you install a socks5 proxy. The only thing that's needed to make it work for your clients are the programs they are using. These programs need to have socks5 support. mIRC has it for sure. Don't know about Kazaa but I don't recommend running it or even allowing it.

    Edit: Sometimes a socks client can be used to proxy protocols/programs that do not natively support socks.
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    thnx for support i definately going to try it out

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